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Differences Between Buying & Renting

🏠 Buying a house is a great investment 💰 because you build equity in your home over time.

💸 When you rent, all your money goes to the landlord's equity, not yours!

📈 As a homeowner, you build equity by:

🛠 Making improvements - this raises your home value

💵 Paying down your mortgage - this increases the share you own

💲 Appreciation - your home value rises over time

This means:

💰 You profit when you sell - you get back more than you paid

🏦 You can borrow against home equity for investments or emergencies

😕 As a renter, you miss out on these benefits. Your money builds the landlord's equity instead.

🤔 Renting can still make sense if:

💸 You can't afford a downpayment yet

🔧 You don't want maintenance responsibilities

🚹 Your situation calls for flexibility

But owning builds WEALTH 💵💰 over time! Let's discuss your options for joining the homeowner club!

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