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How to improve your credit

Get your credit in shape. 1) Find out what's hurting it, and how to improve it. This may seem obvious, but if you don'tknow what's wrong with your credit and how to fix it, then there's no way you can do anythingabout it! So the first step is finding out what's wrong—and then figuring out how to fix yourscore. 2) Pay all of your bills on time, every time. The easiest way to improve your credit is by makingsure you pay all of your bills on time. There are lots of reasons why this matters: if you pay late,it will ding your score, and also, if there is a problem with any of your accounts and they're latetoo, it will hurt even more. 3) Keep balances low on revolving accounts like credit cards. The lower the balance onrevolving accounts (credit cards), the better off you'll be when applying for mortgages—theylook at how much debt people have as well as how much income they make per month. 4) Don't open new accounts right before applying for a mortgage—you might get deniedbecause lenders see this as risky behavior! Don't wait to start building or repairing your credit. Start right now with these tips for boosting your score, and get ready for that perfect home 🏠

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