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Is my Zestimate Correct?

Your Zestimate ≠ a pro appraisal 🏠

🤔 I know - you want a quick home value estimate before selling. Makes sense!

😕 But a Zestimate is just a guess based on limited data. It often misses:

🛠 Renovations and upgrades

🏡 Condition of the home

📐 Accurate square footage

This means your Zestimate could be off by 1000s! ❌

You can't use it for loans. 🚫🏦

Don't take the value too seriously! 😅

🙋‍♂️ If you want an accurate appraisal from a licensed pro, reach out!

I'll connect you with one of my approved appraisers. 👍

Get the real value before you sell!

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